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A Story about Rotten Pork

My roommate doesn’t eat pork (something about swine in Bible = no pork) and so when someone gave her a huge pot roast, she went out and buried it. I didn’t know this, she never mentioned it to me.  One day one of our cats killed a rabbit and left it on the front porch….

In The Name of Desperation

A few weeks ago, there were police, a firetruck, and an ambulance outside a house right down the road from my house.  When questioned by the police officer to see if they could get a lead on the investigation, it turns out a guy who lived there with his mom was attacked by a robber…

To Be Blind, Or Not To Be

A month ago, I noticed a serious degradation in my vision.  While in the bathroom one day, I closed my right eye and and nearly panicked.  I could barely see out of my left eye;  everything was very blurry, and I couldn’t see any details.  My right eye, while also sporting bad eyesight, was the…

Elitist Music Snob

Sometimes I wonder if, because of my music listening habits, I have become an elitist music snob. I’m always sneering at any artists on MTV, or the current popular Billboard chart toppers. However, according to this site, I am ~30% mainstream. What it does is take my listening habits from (which records every single…