A Story about Rotten Pork

My roommate doesn’t eat pork (something about swine in Bible = no pork) and so when someone gave her a huge pot roast, she went out and buried it. I didn’t know this, she never mentioned it to me.  One day one of our cats killed a rabbit and left it on the front porch.

So I called her up and said the cat killed a rabbit. She tells me to bury it. I’m a wuss, I hate dead animals, but I gave in, got the shovel and managed to flip the rabbit onto the shovel. Our yard is about 2 acres, it’s pretty big, so I walked around for a while, trying to find a dirt patch where the dirt is soft so I didn’t have to work up a hernia trying to dig up a hole. I find one place, so I started to dig up dirt.

After about 5 shovelfuls, I hit something. I bend down and peer in the hole, and to my horror I see something pink, fleshy, and rotten. “Oh crap, a human brain!” I’m seriously freaking here, all those horror movies I ever watched are catching up to me. I run in the house and call my roommate, and told her what happened. In the middle of the story, she starts laughing. “Of all the places, you had to pick a spot where I buried a pot roast 4 months ago? That is really funny!” I’m not laughing, I’m still trying to shake off the heebie jeebies.

The funny thing is, apparently I didn’t pack the dirt in the hole enough or something, because the next day an animal had dug up the spot and ate up most of the rotten, raw pork.  Yummy!

In The Name of Desperation

A few weeks ago, there were police, a firetruck, and an ambulance outside a house right down the road from my house.  When questioned by the police officer to see if they could get a lead on the investigation, it turns out a guy who lived there with his mom was attacked by a robber when he walked in on the heist.  The robber struck him on the back of his head so hard, it gave him a concussion and he wasn’t coherent to the investigators for days.  The whole neighborhood was nervous after this attack.

Recently in a local newspaper article, it was mentioned that the investigation was closed and the case was solved.  As it turns out, the guy who was struck by the robber, was losing his girlfriend and in a desperate bid to get her to feel sorry for him and not leave him, he paid someone to attack him and stage a robbery.

I was speechless, when I read that.

Since it was his first offense, he didn’t go to jail.  I assume he likely got community service and probation.  What they should’ve done was had him hand over his Man card, because what he pulled was just … well, pathetic.  The woman must be pretty amazing.  Maybe she has huge … tracts of land?

To Be Blind, Or Not To Be

A month ago, I noticed a serious degradation in my vision.  While in the bathroom one day, I closed my right eye and and nearly panicked.  I could barely see out of my left eye;  everything was very blurry, and I couldn’t see any details.  My right eye, while also sporting bad eyesight, was the only thing that was keeping me from being able to read.

At first I thought it was an infection, but after a week it didn’t go away.  Our eyes are amazing healers, and can heal very fast.  So I decided to go to an ophthalmologist and find out what was going on.  As it turned out, there is heavy scarring on my eyes, more so on my left eye.  The scarring were caused by a bunch of tiny blood vessels forming on the back of my cornea, blocking my vision.  The ophthalmologist couldn’t even get a reading on my vision because of this.

He mentioned that if left unchecked, I could go blind.  I was given steroid-infused eye drops to take for a week and then come back.  After a week, the blurriness went away and my vision improved considerably.  I was quite relieved.  He recommended eventually to have laser surgery to remove the blood vessels at the base, then a cornea transplant, which he said my eye will at first reject.  Once it did, then I would get another cornea transplant.  He felt this would be a suitable long-term plan for my eyesight.

Meanwhile I’m still taking the eye drops for a month to keep the inflammation at bay.  However I find myself lying awake at night wondering if I was going to eventually end up blind, and if so, how I would handle it.  What would my life be like?  Would I handle it admirably, or would I fall into a dark hole I’ll never get out of?

I’m a creature of my senses, they are the only things that make sense to me in life, and the only things I fully trust.  I just can’t imagine one being taken from me without feeling a deep despair.

Elitist Music Snob

Sometimes I wonder if, because of my music listening habits, I have become an elitist music snob. I’m always sneering at any artists on MTV, or the current popular Billboard chart toppers. However, according to this site, I am ~30% mainstream. What it does is take my listening habits from Last.fm (which records every single song I’ve played since August 2005, and takes into account how many others also listen to the artist in my Top 50 list. Then it computes everything together and finds my mainstream percentage.

I like to think that I have a healthy balance between good mainstream and indie music.

Also, I know it is surprising to see Neko Case way up there, but I went through a spell there where I listened to nothing but her for months. It’s about the only “country” I’ll really get into these days.