I Hate Roaches

Ever had a time when your brain would shut up? When I went to take a piss, I saw out of the corner of my eyes a huge roach running for dear life from me. I grabbed a nice, thick magazine and smashed the snot out of him. As I was about to resume relieving myself, my brain thought, “One down, a trillion more to go.” That’s the kind of thought that makes you wonder why you kill the ugly, nasty little buggers in the first place. I really hate roaches. Why, oh why, were they even created?

Man Wants To Air Beheading

If you remember, not long ago there was a huge controversy about an Al Qaeda-linked website making available the beheading of an American civilian. People either clamored to watch the video, or speak out against watching it. I’m one of those who think it’s inherently wrong and stupid to watch the video. Now some college punk wants to air it on a closed-circuit college broadcast and force people to watch it because, “”It’s not that big of a deal. People show stuff this violent and horrible all the time.”

It is a big deal. It is disrespectful to the man’s family, it gives the terrorists exactly what they want (anger, disgust, fear), and you have to be sick in the head to watch the video in the first place. Some people say you should watch it, it’s the truth, it’s reality. That is a pathetic excuse. If I read in a book, or heard on the news about the beheading, I don’t have to watch it too. Why subject myself to such horrors?

It’s one thing to see the beheading of a person in a movie, because it’s not really happening, and it is used to set up an emotion or to tell a story, but to see it happening to a real person, is another matter entirely. I accept the fact that some people love to watch people getting seriously hurt, killed, or tortured to death, and I also accept that some people are so messed up in the head, that they don’t care too.

Holy Bleep! Batman!

I’ve worked on a number of sites where I grew familiar with how marketting people force the editorial people to make you understand how they work and to work with them to maximize advertising revenues. When you get right down to it, it’s rather annoying. It’s all about money, money, money. It makes me think there’s no passion in the man (or woman) that is into marketting. No passion means they lie on their deathbed and look back with regret.

Veen pointed out something outrageous when he visited the PCMag.com site. He noticed the amount of real content (less than 10%) compared to the advertisement (well over 80%) shown on this particular page. That is just absolutely unbelievable. The more I understand marketting and PR people, the less I understand them and their mindset.

We’re Not Gonna Take It

There’s a story on CNN about the former pro football player, Pat Tillman, who went on to join the Army and became a Ranger after giving up a $3.2 million contract to join the forces. I was reading that he was killed in Afghanistan today, while fittingly Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It is playing on iTunes. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on the whole matter. It’s getting tiresome to see these militant radicals that don’t represent their country nor their beliefs killing people in the name of some excuse they’ve dugged up. The fact that a man gave up millions to serve his country means that some people truly care about their own country by giving up a good life to ensure others have a better one. His sacrifice was the sacrifice for the people of Afghanistan to have a better life. Hundreds of thousands of others are also sacrificing their life, time, and sweat to do the same thing, in both Afghanistan and Iraq. They deserve our respect and support.

The same goes with the militant cleric urging a bloodbath instead of promoting peace like a real cleric should. I mean, come on, a “cleric” has no business being militant.

Honestly, this is becoming sickening and stupid how these radicals skew everything just so they can run around carrying guns and have an excuse to uphold their traditions, which include subverting women, living in the stone age, and repressing everyone with so-called leaders hell bent on power and wealth.