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Icemat Siberia Headset Review

Living with two roommates who don’t share my movie, music, and gaming enthusiasm means I have to use headphones at all times. You could say I have a mild headphone fetish, and over the years, I’ve tried a dozen of them. From the humble beginnings of generic Wal-mart Sony earphones, then the Shure E2C earphones, the…

A Review on ReviewMe

Sorry if the title is a little confusing; this is a review of a new advertising service available online called ReviewMe.  As a note, I am being paid to write up this review, but I can assure you, in my years of reviewing products, services, and software, I’m always up-front and comprehensive with my assessments….

Steelpad QcK Heavy Mousepad Review

QCK Heavy Mousepad

A decade ago, before I really got into PC gaming, I had your generic ball mouse and mousepad that you’d find at any Walmart. It wasn’t until I started to heavily game online (on a 56k modem, no less) in Quake 2, that I started tweaking my computer, upgrading to the latest and greatest, and…

SteelSecurity Review

SteelSecurity is a suite of applications put together into a single interface. It is aimed at the hardcore gamer who wants his/her computer secure while not having it eat away precious resources while gaming, either offline or online. In fact, I’m the type of gamer that has eschewed antivirus software for years entirely because I…