Financial Times: “Windows 8 as bad as New Coke”

Microsoft Windows 8

Financial Times has posted a scathing article about Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, with one analyst calling the software as bad as New Coke. Personally I agree that Windows 8 is pretty bad, right up there with Windows Vista and Windows ME. However, Windows 8 has sold as many copies as Windows 7 in a six month span of time, even though it is a down economy for the PC market. While Windows 8 has been criticized wholeheartedly by both consumers and experts alike, it had no problems getting onto millions of PC’s worldwide.

One of the major gripes about Windows 8 is the fact that Microsoft put all their eggs into the touchscreen basket. They gambled on computer users getting more touch-enabled monitors and devices to use Windows 8 with, but that didn’t pan out. Therefore most people using Windows 8 are using an interface that was not optimally designed for use with a mouse and keyboard. This has been Microsoft’s major failing when it comes to Windows 8.

Adjusting Ultrabook Setting Using Touchscreen

Microsoft is preparing to reverse course over key elements of its Windows 8 operating system, marking one of the most prominent admissions of failure for a new mass-market consumer product since Coca-Cola’s New Coke fiasco nearly 30 years ago.

“Key aspects” of how the software is used will be changed when Microsoft releases an updated version of the operating system this year, Tami Reller, head of marketing and finance for the Windows business, said in an interview with the Financial Times. Referring to difficulties many users have had with mastering the software, she added: “The learning curve is definitely real.”

Read the article from Financial Times to learn more.

Recommended Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome

Now that Google Chrome supports extensions in the latest builds, we can now extend and make the best and fastest browser on the planet even better. Below is a list of extensions that I recommend and personally love:

  • AdBlock: Blocks ads on websites.
  • AutoPager: Popular sites with pages are all put on one page so you don’t have to constantly click to go to each page.
  • Better Gmail: Features to make Gmail … better.
  • Clickable Links: Text with http: and mailto: are made clickable if they’re not already.
  • Google Quick Scroll: Quickly find the passage you were searching for on Google.
  • IETab: For those websites that only works in IE (banks and government sites for example)
  • LastPass: Securely save and generate passwords to sites. Stores in the cloud.
  • Slinky: Google image links go straight to the image, instead of the frame/website.
  • Xmarks: For bookmark backup and syncing.

Be sure to check out all the other Google Chrome Extensions for others that fit your personal preferences. – Gaming on the iPhone and iPod Touch


I’m announcing my new website I’ve just finished putting together and now unveiling to the public, is all about gaming on the iPhone and iPod Touch, now that Apple’s new App Store is open to the public and cranking out games every single day. Mobile gaming a rapidly growing industry, and is going to be a part of that by covering everything games on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The reviews, the main features on the site, will feature videos I’ve recorded of me playing these games, screenshots, price, link to the developer of the game, and of course my thoughts on the game itself.

Already we’re seeing a slew of very fun, polished, widely talked about games. You have my personal favorites, MotionX Poker, a dice poker game with achievements, dozens of dice you can unlock and use, and gameplay mechanics that take advantage of the iPhone (multi-touch, accelerometer support, vibrate, etc.) There’s also Galcon, a fast-paced space strategy game that is incredibly addictive and easy to pick up and play. Labyrinth is an age-old game, with a modern approach. It’s the wooden box in a maze with holes that you have to tilt the iPhone/iPod Touch to avoid. It’s simple for everyone to pick up and enjoy, with over 500 levels to play through, with more that you can download over time.

All of these games can be had for $10 or less, some are even free, such as the excellent Aurora Feint. Portable gaming has never been this powerful, and intuitive, and now it’s here. Visit FingerGaming if you want to be part of this wonderful new world.

Declining Online Chats, Me or Them?

Years ago, I had a lot of online “buddies” on my buddy list, whether it’s for AIM, Yahoo, or MSN (I used Trillian to use all 3 service at the same time.) As the years gone by, the list has dwindled, and today there’s only 3 people I talk to on a regular basis. I’ve always wondered why; have I become anti-social online, or shied away from making new contacts?

It could be a number of factors, one of them being that I can’t stand the original, bloated interfaces for AIM, Yahoo Messenger, or MSN Messenger. All 3 suffer from feature-creep, use too much resources for such simple tasks, and sport terrible user interfaces. Which is why I used Trillian, until version 3 came out, and it suffered from a lot of the problems the other IM clients had. I ended up going back to version 2, which was minimalistic, easy to use, and use little resources.

Another reason is that I’ve discovered that a lot of people are willing to lie online, more so than if you were in person. I’ve had a number of friends and associates blocked and ignored because I found out things they had told me was a lie. I imagine a psychologist would have his hands full studying this phenomenon; there’s already research material on it already. Because it is harder to detect lies during textual interaction compared to face-to-face, and the consequences are less severe, people are as likely to lie than not. So there’s the lack of trust on my part with new friends.

The other reason is that most old friends have gotten busy as the years gone on, and I’ve changed my habits, so we see each other online less and less. Eventually we would just stop talking, and after 2 years, I’d remove them from my buddy list. There’s nothing wrong with this, we all have to live our lives.

If I did have a lot of friends online to talk to, I wish they’d all use Google Talk, which is my ideal instant messenger client. It’s simple, easy to use, uses little resources, and quality software. I’m sick of Trillian, AIM, Yahoo, and MSN Messenger, and anyone using the MySpace messenger should be shot on sight.