Firefox 1.0 Launch Day

I made a post over at � Firefox 1.0 Launch Day with details about the public final release of Firefox 1.0. The post includes resources you may find useful, tips and tricks, and local download mirrors in case the official site is swamped. Firefox is the browser to use if you want a great experience browsing the internet.

Firefox Browser On Fire

CNet News reports that Firefox aims for 10 percent of Web surfers, as the momentum of the browser’s popularity picks up phenomenally.

He said he is confident of hitting this goal because interest in the browser has been accelerating over the last few months. He said this momentum can be seen in the increasing number of downloads for each version of Firefox: Version 0.8 was downloaded 3.3 million times in four months; 0.9 was downloaded 6.5 million times in three months; and the pre-release version was downloaded 5 million times in just one month.

Of course you probably already know I’m really big on the browser, and think it’s the best thing we have available today for browsing. Check it out at if you haven’t yet.

Flickr Photo Sharing And Organizing

A post at and then a post at has convinced me to try this photo sharing and organizing service that is being beta tested right now. At first I was skeptical, because I’ve tried numerous services such as Photobucket and Photoisland, among others, and have been sorely disappointed.

However, I’m glad to report that Flickr has been solid and intuitive to use. The site clearly focuses on usability and a slick set of features to make it stand above the competition. They even include a Window tool to upload pictures without going on the web, or even email in the pictures to put up, for private or public consumption. It should be interesting to see how this service fares against the competition.

Here’s the link to my photo page.

FoxyTunes Extension For Firefox

The best browser in the world just got better, with a new extension available for it called FoxyTunes. It supports a large list of media players, letting you control volume, song selection, changing of tracks, and more via the status bar of Firefox. Very nifty, and a welcome feature for me since I have iTunes playing nearly every hour I’m awake (I hate silence.)