– Gaming on the iPhone and iPod Touch


I’m announcing my new website I’ve just finished putting together and now unveiling to the public, is all about gaming on the iPhone and iPod Touch, now that Apple’s new App Store is open to the public and cranking out games every single day. Mobile gaming a rapidly growing industry, and is going to be a part of that by covering everything games on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The reviews, the main features on the site, will feature videos I’ve recorded of me playing these games, screenshots, price, link to the developer of the game, and of course my thoughts on the game itself.

Already we’re seeing a slew of very fun, polished, widely talked about games. You have my personal favorites, MotionX Poker, a dice poker game with achievements, dozens of dice you can unlock and use, and gameplay mechanics that take advantage of the iPhone (multi-touch, accelerometer support, vibrate, etc.) There’s also Galcon, a fast-paced space strategy game that is incredibly addictive and easy to pick up and play. Labyrinth is an age-old game, with a modern approach. It’s the wooden box in a maze with holes that you have to tilt the iPhone/iPod Touch to avoid. It’s simple for everyone to pick up and enjoy, with over 500 levels to play through, with more that you can download over time.

All of these games can be had for $10 or less, some are even free, such as the excellent Aurora Feint. Portable gaming has never been this powerful, and intuitive, and now it’s here. Visit FingerGaming if you want to be part of this wonderful new world.

Contour Design/Bluetrek SurfaceSound Compact

Bluetrek SurfaceSound Compact

That bluetooth headset making you look like a douchebag? Contour Design/BlueTrek to the rescue, with their new SurfaceSound Compact. It’s a bluetooth-enabled speaker and mic that slides onto the visor in your car. It basically allows you to answer the cellphone (or any other device that supports bluetooth) and talk hands-free, plus it cancels out the background noise if you got a noisy car. It can be gotten for $65, about the price of your average flimsy bluetooth headset, without the douchebaggery.

I got serious gadget fever drooling over this. I think I’ll get one for my iPhone.

Nightlights for Nerds

I have a bevy of electronic devices in my room that basically function as nightlights. When I get up in the middle of the night, even as bad as my eyesight is, I can see where everything is without bumping into anything. Here’s a list of devices, and the type of light they provide in order of brightness and type of lights.

Throbber for steady dimming/brightening, Flickering for rapid on/off, and Steady for staying at the same brightness indefinitely.

  1. Hava Platinum HD Placeshifter (Steady)
  2. 8GB Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive (Throbber)
  3. 500GB Maxtor OneTouch External Hard Drive (Throbber)
  4. 17″ Macbook Pro Notebook Computer (Throbber)
  5. Xbox 360 Gaming Console (Steady)
  6. Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router (Flickering)
  7. 2Mbps/200Kbps Roadrunner Cable Modem (Flickering)
  8. HDTV Cable Receiver (Steady)
  9. Headphone Amp (Steady)

You can see a picture of my electronic nightlights here:

Nightlights for Nerds

How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay Videos, while using Medifast to Stay in Shape!

Recently I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries from people that visit, asking how I recorded the games I’m playing on the Xbox 360. With this in mind, I thought I’d write a simple little how-to guide on how to record high-quality gameplay videos of you playing. Since it records the video to your computer’s hard drive, you can do what you want with it, upload it to a video service online, convert it to any format, burn it to a CD or DVD to share with people, etc. Like a lot of video game gadgets, this will definitely keep you highly entertained and glued to your electronics, not allowing a lot of time for exercise. I got some MediFast coupons to get some medifast really cheap in case this starts to take up all of my time.

For the record, this method will also work on the Sony Playstation 3. I have no idea if it’ll work on the Nintendo Wii, though. I’ll be going through this guide using the HAVA Platinum HD placeshifter device. Other methods involve the use of a capture card or external USB capture device. The benefit of a placeshifter is that it has other uses (such as watch your cable or TiVo anywhere), and it allows you to record at a higher quality, namely at a resolution of 720×480.

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