When it Rains, it Pours

My roommate’s computer broke a few days ago, and after diagnostic testing, discovered it was the motherboard that died. No surprise there, considering it was my old computer and it was pushed to the limit since the day I got it. So I did some research and tried to get new parts (motherboard, CPU, memory) that are faster, but still on a tight budget. I spent $200, and got her a system that is twice as fast, and should hopefully last a long time. Here’s the parts that I got: AMD Sempron 2800+ processor, MSI K8MM-V motherboard, and 512MB PC3200 Kingston DDR2 memory.

Well today while putting it together, I ran into one problem after another. First the stupid heatsink/fan retention mechanism was a pure bitch trying to secure over the processor. While using force on it, I had to be careful not to apply too much pressure, otherwise it’d crack the processor core, and that’d be $75 down the drain. Then when I got that on, the hard drive kept being recognized as a slave, rather than a master. It took 2 hours of diagnostic tests to figure out I should just pop in another hard drive, transfer the data from the old hard drive to the replaced one, and ditch the old one.

Okay, fine, got that set up, but then the video card gives me a fit. Not my fault though, ATI has some asstacular drivers, so I just went with the on-board video, which works just as well. Finally, the wireless network card software kept BSOD’ing the system, so I had to uninstall that and install generic drivers for it. Total time: 7 hours. Seven bloody hours for such a simple job, but it seems Murphy’s Law was in a harassing mood for me today.

Razer Copperhead Mouse Images

Razer sent me some photos of their new mouse, the Copperhead, which was recently announced. Photos:

Company pitch:

Powered by Razer Precision(tm) technology, the Copperhead’s laser sensor has an unequaled tracking precision of up to 2000 dpi, making it the most precise gaming mouse available. As a full speed USB device, the Copperhead is also the fastest mouse compared to other gaming mice. Its 16 bit data channel features 1000Hz Ultrapolling(tm) capabilities, and with a 1 millisecond response rate, the Copperhead empowers gamers with lightning-fast response that can mean the difference between fragging vs. getting fragged to the hardcore gamer. The mouse features a frame rate of over 7000 frames per second (fps) – far surpassing the industry’s current frame rate of 6400 fps and high-speed motion detection of more than 50 inches/second.

Suddenly my Logitech MX510 doesn’t seem so hot anymore.

The Glass Mousepad

Icemat and MX510
Icemat and MX510,

My new mousepad came in, and it’s smooooooth. It is called the Icemat, and it’s made of glass. Featuring a 12 inch wide by 10 inch long real estate, and rubber feet to secure it in place, it’s the coolest (literally) and slickest mousepad I’ve used yet, and I’ve tried a ton over the years.

I got it because my old pad wasn’t big enough for my widescreen monitor, and I wasn’t going to jack up the sensitivity. I also wanted something more durable and should hopefully last for a very long time. Glass doesn’t warp, so it should be well worth the $45 purchase price.

Sony Really Does Suck

If you haven’t yet, read about my Sony (mis)adventures with their so-called customer support when my 27″ Sony WEGA TV decides to hardly work for me. Sony finally got me a new TV to replace the old flaky one, which died again 3 days ago, and wouldn’t turn back on. It took them months to finally send me a replacement.

Two guys delivered the TV in an uncovered truck, and when I was signing the papers, I asked them what took them so long to get the TV to me, because they called me last Wednesday and told me that I’d have it by Friday, and a whole week later, on a Saturday, they deliver it to me.

They said that one of them had to go to South Florida to make a delivery, and another said his truck was broken down and he had no way of getting it to me. This is the uncovered truck, mind you. How do you have a delivery/repair business if you use an uncovered pickup truck is beyond me. Further proof that I live in Redneckville.

Suffice to say, I don’t intend on ever buying a Sony product. Not with this kind of “support”. I use that term in the most loose term.