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BioShock Demo Movie

The demo for Bioshock was released yesterday and it is everything a gamer could ask for in a game. It’s pretty much why I upgraded my computer recently (and to enjoy future games, as well.) The graphics are some of the best in a game, and the gameplay is unique and fun. Click the picture…

Quake Video – Blast from the Past

Way back in the day, I got Quake 1 with my new computer, a Pentium 100, and all was good. It was the first 3D game ever, and it was very, very good. I have so many great memories of playing this game, and to this day it is still very fun to play. When…

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Video

Welcome back, Miss Croft! After countless sequels of crappy Tomb Raiders, finally a version comes out that recaptures that magic of the first two games. This Anniversary edition reimagines the first Tomb Raider, the one I have so many fond memories of, and updates it with modern graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and a remastered soundtrack….

Arrested Development Season 1-3 Tributes

By far the funniest comedy television show I’ve ever seen is Arrested Development. It was cut short after 3 seasons by Fox. Someone put together a tribute to all 3 seasons, showing the funniest scenes in each one. I had bought the DVD of all three seasons and it has given me lots of laugh…