Boys and Their …

Cars! Destruction! More cars and destructions! Just something about these kind of games that gets us going:

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This was a simple figure eight race in Flatout 2. Back in the days when I first started gaming on the PC, a game called Destruction Derby came out. It featured cars and destructive mayhem. Car parts would fly off, sparks would shoot when metal came in contact with metal or concrete, and the pace was fast and furious. Flatout relives those glory days, and this sequel just adds more of the chaotic goodness. Sure, it’s boys and their toys, but I love it.

Driving Through the Country

One of the things I miss about living out in the middle of nowhere is driving down the country roads. Twisting and turning down narrow roads, past farmlands and forests. On one particular day, the road was all my own, it was a pretty day out, and I had my favorite song blaring through the speakers. I ended up recording a video of the journey, and today I dubbed the song over the original audio because you could barely hear the song over the wind (I had the windows down.) I also slowed the video down a little, for emphasis.

So here you go, a drive through the backwoods of Florida:

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The song is available from the remixed Chemical Brothers album, Flip the Switch. It’s free and legal.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Video

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic has the best first-person melee combat in a game I’ve played yet. The thing that makes it stand out is that the character you play has a real body. Real physics, weight, balance, strength, stamina, all factors most games doesn’t even touch upon, especially not in an action-oriented game. It’s refreshing and fun, and adds a new gameplay element that gives the game more immersiveness.

Check out this video I recorded when I played through earlier so you can see what I’m talking about:

Click here to watch the video.