Just Downright Freaky

If you check out http://www.colorgenics.com and look into the Mood Analyzer, you’ll discover just how uncanny colors can seem to pinpoint you so accurately.

Anyways, I thought I’d post my results here. Anyone who knows me might be freaked by it.
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Call Of Duty

I’ve finally answered the call, grabbing the WWII shooter game, Call Of Duty yesterday from Walmart. I’ve been looking forward to playing this game, and I’m about halfway through it, and it’s not disappointing in the least bit. It is a gorgeous game, the graphics quite realistic and smooth. I especially love the sound effects though, all the gun sound realistic, distant fire is clearly remarkable, and even the Germans actually speak German in the game. I know because a friend speaks German and was able to deciper what they say when you sneak up on them. The gameplay is fast and furious, top-notch fun, no questions asked. I find myself playing a level over again after I beat it, which I rarely ever do. There are so many different ways to handle each situation, it’s interesting to try them all to see what kind of results you get (90% of the time, it results in my death). I’m playing the game on Hardened difficulty, which is a notch below the hardest. I’ll play that one next after I beat the game.

I took a screenshot you can check out, where I try to blow up the antiair guns on the German-controlled dam, not to mention the power house, as well. It’s a fantastic level, where you have to snipe your way through with a rifle and a scope, and use a submachine gun (pictured) for any close encounters.

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There was one point when I was approaching an anti-AA flak gun when a German was lying prone, firing on me with a MG42 (machine gun), effectively pinning me down behind the flak gun. I couldn’t blow it up, because once I set the explosives, I would have to run back or forward, and the German would have me dead in 2 seconds. So I backed up a little, primed a grenade, and tossed it his way. He was too far for me to peg him, but the smoke and debris made it hard for him to see me, so I leaned to the left of the flak gun, looked in my sniper rifle, and once the smoke cleared, I got him right between the eyes.

Can you tell I love this game? :)

Self Hugging Sleeper

My roommate’s brother took a picture with my digital camera while I was sleeping yesterday morning. It’s interesting to see what poses you make when you’re sleeping. I’ve never seen myself sleep before. You can see me sleeping here.

Enneagram Test Result

Took a Enneagram Test just to see how accurate it is, and what it’d say, based on my choices. It’s scary, it actually seems to be pretty spot on. Here’s what I got:

Overall Self: