Over at, the site has been updated with word on a new reworking of the site, with new features, and trends. It also allows quick access to what the collective voice of bloggers have to say each day. From

Have you ever wondered what the collective voices of a few hundred thousand people might say? This Web site collects links from weblogs all over the world to discover just what it is people everywhere are talking about.

A great resource to find what’s interesting out there in the blogosphere. I also enjoy Blizg as well.

LockerGnome Redesigned

LockerGnome has been redesigned, and it is incredibly sexy. Using valid XHTML and CSS code, it loads up quick, and the interface is easy to use and follow. I’m hoping more large sites start noticing sites like LockerGnome and realizing they want some of that efficient goodness. The people responsible are Chance and Jason, as well as Chris who runs LG. Good job guys!

Nosferatu Rapture

Over at my robot friend, you’ll find a nifty Flash that covers a Blondie song called Rapture. It’s pretty neat to watch, and worthy of breakdancing to.

In other Halloween news, it seems we almost lost the classic horror film, Nosferatu, due to copyrights. This is one case where you can be thankful for pirates. One only wonders what gems will pop up in the future due to pirates. Or instead of being a Scrooge, why not release your works under the Creative Commons license? The world would be a better place if more people use it. :)

AOL 9.0 Optimized – Save your printer ink!

Since family and friends rely on me for advice and tips on the computer, I’m also the designated installer for them. When I go to their house, I take CD’s with me of programs they could use, and fix whatever they need fixing. They all use AOL, so when a new version of AOL is out, they want to know if it is worth installing.

I’ve decided to install AOL 9.0 Optimized tonight to see if it is anything my family/friends should use. First off, it wants to install some files, and then wants me to reboot, otherwise I won’t be able to use the service. Okay, so I let it install whatever it wants, then reboot. I come back, and it wants to do it again, install files and reboot. I do that, and when I run it again, I got the same message again. Then it’s official; AOL still sucks. To add insult to injury, it froze my computer when I try to remove it from Add/Remove Programs. It also installed 4 folders worth of programs in C:\ that I won’t ever use. It forces me to right click the AOL icon on the desktop and choose Delete. The delete key doesn’t work on it. I can’t imagine what it would do if I decided to print something. It would probably use up all my brother toner trying to print just one document!

Is it worth it when a program makes you jump through hoops like this? Absolutely not. It’s even more not worth it when you read stories like this and this.

Conclusions? My family and friends should pursue other avenues of internet service. Choices are MSN, EarthLink, PeoplePC, or just a local ISP. The sooner people realize there are better alternatives out there, the sooner we get the service we deserve on the internet, and not what corporate high-rollers dictate.