Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! :D

Sexy Witch

Cheese With My Wine

I know I have no reason to whine, considering the host I’m using now is giving me 3 years of free professional hosting. Yet, when I delete a MySQL database, it shouldn’t take over 12 hours (and still waiting) for it to be deleted, so I can create a new one. One of the caveats of this promotional deal is that I can only create one database, set at a 100MB limit. So I can’t just create a new database.

I need to create a new database so I can install Coppermine, which I had before to install all my photos into a gallery. The previous one I had before used the user database for pMachine, so now I need to reinstall it so it’d use it’s own user database. This would all be a moot point if I could just install and use phpMyAdmin, but oh well. Like I said, guess I don’t have much room to complain when this is all free.

I just had to whine though. Think I’m gonna go play some Crimsonland now.

Top Ten Reasons To Learn CSS

By all that is holy, if you work on webpages, and you haven’t learned CSS, then maybe this will wake you up to the revolution of streamlined web design: Design Industry Interviews — Sessions.edu. Here’s a couple of reasons to get you started:

  • Faster download times. Reduction of file size is about 50% less than a Web page built with traditional Web design methods.
  • Shorter development time. Easily tweak the design of a thousand-page site with just a few edits of one CSS file.

If these reasons aren’t enough, then maybe you should reconsider your priorities. Trust me, it’s worth it.

FeedDemon RSS NewsReader

The FeedDemon Beta Site has a downloadable version of their new RSS newsreader. If you’re like me, you browse tons of sites everyday for news and updates. This program really makes it easy to get all your news in one place, and since most sites support RSS, you can easily add them to your newsreader. This site offers a news feed, which you can access by clicking the Syndicate link to the right under the Site menu. The interface is really excellent; similar to Microsoft’s Outlook 2003. Two big toes up from me.