Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer

LockerGnome has made a great post on why you should get rid of using Internet Explorer, and why it’s time to use an alternative browser, such as Firefox or Opera. Firefox, of course, being my favorite browser of choice. This isn’t from a cookie-cutter Microsoft hater bandwagon rider either, so don’t expect brainless reasons The negatives using Internet Explorer (and AOL, since it uses IE) are listed; security, standards support, and available options such as tabbed browsing, popup blocking, and themes.

“Using Firefox will not require any major shift in your daily browsing habits. It’ll import your favorites automatically, and you can benefit from the improved security starting the first time you open it. With the popup blocking enabled, you can breath quite a bit easier when browsing to unknown sites. Attempts to install garbage on your system that could have easily succeeded if you were using IE will simply be ignored by Firefox. Plus, the whole time you’re browsing you’ll know that you are doing your part to keep the soul of the Internet alive by choosing to use a browser whose developers actually care about standards.”

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  1. horai

    As a user I think the biggest advantage for me is the miniscule amount of spyware I get now. I constantly have to disinfect machines that use IE and I now put Firefox on every install I perform, make it the default browser and give the owner a quick lesson in how to manage cookies and security.
    Works really well and the look of surprise when they realise just how much crap websites can put on a machine is funny.

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