Allmusic Redesign has been redesigned with a new look. I got greeted by a lovely yellow message, and unfortunately they cover up their tail poorly. I reveal the truth in the message. gives some straight criticism on the new redesign.

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  1. Phy

    It does say “not currently supported”, right? With the market share of browsers dominated by IE at present (right, wrong, or otherwise) I completely understand developing to IE from a certain perspective. I completely dislike it, but I completely understand it.

  2. The correct way to do it is design on a superior browser, then add in the hacks for IE. Less of a headache, than if you were to do it the other way around.

  3. horai

    One word for the site. Crap!!!

  4. nipsey russell

    I use AMG more than any other site on the web (except yahoo) and see this as a sign of the apocalypse! AMG just went from one of the most incredible sites out there to a steaming pile of carp. I’m assuming that the browser incompatability will work itself out, but this new multi-tab system is total garbage. “We realized when we designed the tab system that we would make some folks unhappy, but we felt the trade off was worth it. If we stuck to the one page approach it would limit our ability to add additional information. ” – BS! I would have a hard time buying this if they added one extra click to the process of browsing the info, but they have gone off teh charts! now you have to click on a new tab for discography….click on a new tab for LPs…a new tab for LPs…EPs…compilations….then, once you finally select the album you are looking for…you may need to open a new page to “read more” to finish reading the ONE PARAGRAPH description of the album…then if you want to see the album credits…guess what….right!
    I implore everyone to flood AMG with negative feedback as much as possible!

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